About Me!

Hi there! 

Hello! I’m Logan Boaz, a dedicated mom, passionate creative and the proud owner of Hardwood and Home. My entrepreneurial spirit has led me to a fulfilling intersection where my passion for design blends with making life’s milestones truly unforgettable. I'm originally from St. Louis, Missouri but currently live in Austin,Texas with my husband and two children. In addition to owning Hardwood and Home, I proudly embrace my role as a mother and all the realness and responsibility that comes with the title.  I am eager to teach my children the value of nurturing dreams, setting goals and diligently pursuing them until they materialize. My venture is more than just a business, it’s a testament to the power of dreams realized through hard work, perseverance and being a scrappy entrepreneur. 

We will be leaning heavily into sustainability, we are excited to provide our local clients with an eco-friendly option for their wedding day decor by offering rentals. Beginning in the Fall of 2023, Hardwood and Home will start booking couples who are interested in an aesthetically pleasing wedding while minimizing disposable decorations.  Our dedication to the rental business is rooted in our commitment for environmental responsibility and the desire to make a meaningful contribution to both the earth and the world of event aesthetics.