Home Styling

The season is changing again! Feeling overwhelmed by all of the work needed to  transition your home to fit the coming season along with all of the other challenges life brings? Have you always wanted to have your home decor flow with the season, but aren't sure where to begin or how to make your vision come true? We can help!  

At Hardwood and Home LLC we specialize in decorating spaces that connect with the season. We can help you: determine your style, provide advice for decorating your space, or help you set the decor.  

We offer multiple packages to fit your needs.  If you do not see a package that fits your specific needs, please reach out to us and we can work on a custom package!

What's Included:

  • Walk Through - We will come to your home or office so we can see the space in person, take measurements, etc..  This helps us get a better feel for the space and what will fit.
  • "The Vision" - Our design consultant will meet with you to listen your vision.  We would love to see your Pinterest boards, pictures, or anything that will help us understand your vision.
  • The "Dig Through". We will dig through your existing decor and help you select items to use, what could be repurposed, and determine if new decor would be helpful when reaching your vision. (Shopping Days are available if you would like some help shopping for your new decor.  See Shopping Day below)
  • The Plan - We will discuss design and decor options with you, explaining what the space could look like.
  • Styling - We will help you style the decor and stage the space, making your vision a reality.


  • Shopping Day - One of our design consultants will accompany you on a shopping trip to find the right pieces for your space. ($50/hr).  *Shopping days are limited to 4 hours per day unless otherwise agreed upon.  

  • Repurposing - We can repurpose your furniture or decor items so that they fit into your vision.  This is a custom task so pricing will vary based on the item.  


  • Basic (one room/space) = $200
  • "Season-ista"(Front Door, Entry, one room/space) = $400
  • Transformation (Front Door, Entry, Living Room, Dining Room) = $500
  • Custom Package = Please reach out for pricing 
*Pricing may vary depending on the size and complexity of the space.