Vintage Finds

What does the perfect day look like?  Everyone has their own take.  For us, some of the best days are spent driving down county roads in the Texas Hill Country looking for antique stores or vintage markets.  

Antiques, vintage items, or other unique finds are special because each one has its own story.  Like the old Stanley hand planes Anthony picked up at a vintage market in Illinois.  They were rusty, one had a damaged handle, and the other needed some serious TLC!  Or the letter press tray that Logan found in a small town in Maryland.  We don't know what the story was behind these items but it is fun to think about who owned them before or what kind of stories they could tell.  

Items such as these are special because no two are the same.  Many of these items are no longer in production and/or aren't really in use any more so it can be difficult to find.  Each week we will post some of our unique finds so that you can complete your collection, or even start a collection!