Vintage Hunter

Do you have vintage or antique items that you love but aren't sure what to do with?  Do you have family heirlooms that you don't want to get rid of but are unsure of how to use it in your space? We can show you how to use those items to fit your style and make your vision a reality.

Do you have a piece of furniture you're not really sure what to do with? We can help with that too!  

What's Included:

  • Walk Through - We will come to your home or office so that we can see the space in person, take measurements, etc..  This helps us get a better feel for the space and what will fit.
  • "The Vision" - Our design consultant will meet with you to hear your vision.  We would love to see your Pinterest boards, pictures, or anything that will help us understand your vision.
  • "The Dig Through" - Our design consultant will go through your items and help you determine what can be used "as is", how it can be used, and what might need repurposing, and how those repurposed items can be used.
  • The Plan - We will discuss some design and decor options with you and explain what that might look like.
  • Repurpose Items
  • Shopping Day - Our design consultant will accompany you on a shopping trip to find fun, unique items that fit your style and will work cohesively with your existing items to make your vision a reality.  *See below for pricing
  • Styling - We will help you set the decor and style the space in order to make your vision a reality.

Repurposing Options:

  1. You repurpose the items on your own = no cost
  2. We take the pieces and repurpose them in our shop = custom pricing applied each piece
  3. We help you repurpose the items at your home = $50/hr


    •  One Vintage Hunt Day = $500
    •  Two Vintage Hunt Days = $700 (includes everything listed above but with one additional shopping day)