Our wedding rental business is located in Liberty Hill, Texas. We are a small, woman owned, family-run company that designs pieces to complement weddings of all themes and styles. Logan, our owner and designer, will be your creative partner, guiding you throughout the process to create a seamless design that aligns with your vision. Whether you opt for delivery or prefer to pick up your selections, rest assured that our intention is to make your wedding day as effortless and cohesive as possible.

Our rental business stems from a passion for environmental responsibility and the desire to make a meaningful contribution to both the earth and the world of event aesthetics. The prevailing culture of disposable decorations, created to grace a singular day and then discarded, weighed heavily on my conscience. Appreciating the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into each piece, I felt compelled to offer an alternative. This journey led me to carefully curate a collection of rental pieces that resonate with timelessness, ensuring their ability to be treasured and reinvented with each wedding. With the commitment to sustainability and avoidance of unnecessary waste, our business offers a more conscious choice for those seeking to elevate their special day while treading lightly on the planet we share.