Pro 6 Fitness R9 Magnetic/Air Rower

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Pro 6 Fitness


The Pro 6 R9 Magnetic/Air Rower is the ideal addition to your home gym setup. This rowing machine combines magnetic and air resistance to deliver a wide range of resistance levels, providing a challenging workout for users of all skill levels. The self-powered computer console eliminates the need for messy cords, and displays essential workout data such as time, strokes per minute, distance, and calories burned. With pre-programmed and customizable interval training programs, as well as a built-in heart rate receiver, you can track and optimize your performance. The rower features a patented folding style for Fitnessyan easy storage, lightweight design with built-in wheels for portability, and a comfortable padded seat for extended sessions. The dual air and magnetic flywheel system offers 16 levels of resistance, while the aluminum rail ensures a smooth and enjoyable rowing experience. With a maximum user weight of 300 lbs, this rower is built to last. Assembly by two people can be completed in just 30 minutes.

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