Spreader Bar Hammock

Sale price$399.99
Color: Rainbow

Swing your troubles away with our Spreader Bar Hammock! But don’t take our word for it, let the soft-spun polyester cord with its micro weave design do the talking. Every inch of your body will be cradled by its flex and support. Plus, it can easily fit two people — or if you're feeling generous — your whole family. Not only is this hammock incredibly comfy, but it's also resistant to rot, mold, and mildew too!

Gone are the days of struggling to get in and out of a hammock; with its 55-inch wide solid wood spreader bar, entering and exiting have never been easier — or more graceful! And if that wasn't enough already, each pair comes with jumbo diameter, zinc plated, metal o-rings so you can doze off without worrying about an impending fall. Fancy something perfect for indoors AND outdoors? Look no further — this beautiful and versatile hammock will provide you with some much-needed R&R wherever you need it.

So forget your worries - it’s time to get swinging in our Spreader Bar Hammock!